Well here it is, the star of the show!

The machine is available with or without a heavy steel pedestal base. It can even be wall mounted if desired. Key locked for security with a solid sheet steel exterior it is very well constructed.

The yellow and green illuminated arrows point to the receptacle where the soda straw is inserted. Instructions are provided in print and verbally when coin operated.

The red arrow points to the numeric digital readout that accurately displays the BAL of the user in percent.

The colored squares at the bottom stair-step up from white to red at the different levels of intoxication. The light illuminates in each one to show the steps as the user increases BAL.

The speaker inside has adjustable volume level for lower or higher levels of noise in the facility and may be set to zero if only percent and stair-step indication is desired.

The receptacle at left holds sanitary, wrapped single-use soda straws.

The coin display shows 75 cents currently. It can be set to any value between 25 cents and $4.00 per use by the operator using software control internally. The machine may be set to 'zero cents' for a fixed rate event with continuous use not requiring coin operation.

It is key locked and may be washed with a soft, damp cloth to remove fingerprints without damage.

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