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No driving while under the influence!

Our vending machine helps in the war against drunk driving!

Most of us have a story to tell about drunk drivers. Perhaps yours, like most, is about a friend or relative that was injured or even killed by someone that was DUI. The sad fact is that despite tough new laws and judges that rule harshly, DUI, DWI and drunk driving by any name is on the rise. Even airline pilots have been recently caught drinking and they are strictly prohibited from it within 8 hours of flight, but it still happens!

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Called by many names; driving while under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), drunk driving or whatever, it still has one thing in common; DRIVING!

MADD, RADD and other fine groups work diligently to promote law enforcement activity that attacks the drunk driver when on the road. They spend millions each year in this quest and much credit is due them for making DUI (or DWI if you prefer) a "high profile" crime instead of a silent killer.

Both drinking and driving are such a common part of our society that we not only take it for granted that we all drink, but that we drive after we do it! We are even expected to have 'one for the road' as we leave the bar. Law enforcement departments spend large portions of their budgets to educate their officers on how to spot the DUI (or DWI) "drunk" driver on the road. They are then provided with expensive recording instruments to measure the exact Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) that the drunk driver measures.

Evidence is then collected, recorded and transcribed to be used against the offending drunk driver in court. Websites and yellow page ads scream "DUI Defense" from all the DUI and DWI lawyers making thousands of dollars per case to defend them. They win an astonishing number of cases too! Being caught while DUI, DWI or drunk by any name is expensive.

We promote; 'Intervention at the Point of Consumption'.

We provide vending machines that are Alcohol Breath Analyzers. These machines have the same accuracy as the police do when testing someone for Blood Alcohol Level (BAL). For example, in California, the law permits a BAL of only 0.08% as a maximum level, but most people never really know when they reach this critical point. You can drive away and easily be DUI or DWI in many states and not even know it. This problem is compounded by the liability laws that make both the servers and the facility responsible to stop serving an intoxicated patron. We help that server to stop serving in time!

We want to prevent the DUI, not catch them in the act. Intervention at the point of death is a lose-lose proposition.

Drinking establishments are often defendants in lawsuits when over serving patrons that are involved in accidents later. We help those establishments to limit their liability and cut costs! We offer the finest Alcohol Breathalyzer vending machine in the industry in an effort to promote reduction of drunk driving. That's right, we did say cut costs! Follow the link below to learn how your drinking establishment can actually save money while preventing the DUI from ever happening.

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We offer these vending machines to private events like company picnics, prom night at high school and Monday night football parties too. Teenage DUI is devastating and on the rise in most major cities. Click on the link below to learn how you can have a machine present to prevent DUI, DWI and drunk driving at your event.

Private clubs and organizations that serve alcohol are targets for DUI lawsuits as well, click on the link below to learn how your group can use this vending machine both as a DUI prevention tool and a fundraiser as well.

We're different; we try to keep the drunk driver out of the car in the first place!

Much political attention is focused on the issue of dui enforcement after the drunk reaches the street...we need more prevention to stop it before it starts. You can help! Click on the link below to sign the petition and make your voice heard at the legislative level.


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