• is a high-profile, top level domain name with good search engine response level
  • 5 top quality Alcohol Alert machines with pedestal bases, all in perfect working order 
  • Producing rental and sales business with website, software, hosting and passwords
  • Nevada corporation, No-DUI, Inc. current with Sec'y of State, all fees paid, no liabilities, EIN federal tax ID number, Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Seal, 100% complete and up to date.
  • Nevada Registered Agent service paid up to date with mailing and document service is included

Full Disclosure:

The Alcohol Alert machines cost us over $3000 each, they are the best the industry has to offer; self-calibrating, all with factory original cartons and pedestal bases, key locked with keys and original documentation guaranteed in perfect working order.

Machines are user-programmable for coin acceptance in 25 cent increments from zero (runs in flat-rate rental mode) to $4.00 per use for fund raisers, etc, The machines can also accept tokens, which are included for special use such as fund raisers and events like prom night where a participant trades their car keys for a token and must read ZERO alcohol level on the way out or forfeit their keys. 

The Domain Name; is among the best of the assets; it is a top level domain, has been in use and fully functioning for 5 years now, gets great hits from Google, MSN, Yahoo and Alta Vista constantly, is paid up thru March 2006 and will be transferred to the new owner 100% complete with web hosting paid in full for the year 2005. All passwords, software, coding and upload disks are created in Front Page and are 100% included.

The Corporation; No DUI, Inc. is a closely held Sub-S IRS approved Nevada corporation carefully planned out with a Registered Agent in Nevada who protects the owners identity. Even if you reside in Nevada you are encouraged to use the valuable corporate services of a Registered Agent for several reasons. You are shielded from prying eyes and investigators by a firewall of protective departments and layers of bureaucracy in that Nevada does NOT share information with the IRS or any other entity. 

Additionally, you are protected from lawsuits and related problems by the fact that your name does not appear anywhere on any of the registered documents with the State of Nevada, only the Registered Agent appears there and all service and mail goes to their location. There is no better asset protection and shield than a Nevada Corporation.

When you need more machines, we provide you with the direct connection to the factory representative to get the best deal, no middleman, no two-stepper to make a buck beyond what the machine costs. Just straight warehouse to you pricing and assistance.

Since we must accept credit cards for rental and security deposits, we use an Internet payment gateway for this service. We will assist you with obtaining authorization to accept credit cards with NO machine, NO software and NO point-of-purchase equipment required. You just log in to a secure website, key in the card and receive authorization instantly. 

Training and assistance:

We will train you on the use of the machines, corporation information, Registered Agent service, Front Page website maintenance and provide one full year of telephone/ email assistance to you to insure your guaranteed success with your new venture. We are not a sell-and-run, we are here to stay. We want you to succeed just as we have. This is truly a low cost, home based, part time business of the first quality. You are 100% in charge of your future with no boss, manager or supervisor. You set your hours and how you want to grow the business. There is no better way to start...unless you have $1,000,000.00 to invest in a McDonalds restaurant and want to flip burgers for years to reach payback date...this one has a short Return On Investment (ROI) cycle. You can make the full price back in only a couple of years or even less with an aggressive business plan. 


The entire package deal is one item, sold as a single lot, no items will be split out of it. The value of the business as a whole is probably greater than what is being asked for it, but we are motivated to sell as the owner is retiring from the business to pursue other interests.

Total price is $12,000 for everything 

Please call Robert Burchett at 310-534-4456 for further information.




Sponsored by No DUI, Inc.