Got a private function going that you want to protect the attendees? You can help out!

Private functions can insure the safety of the people that attend by offering alcohol testing.


What kinds of functions benefit from Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) testing?

  • Driving events such as automobile testing or pre-purchase shows
  • School, church and club events when teens are present and NO alcohol is permitted
  • Sports parties where intoxication is common and the police watch for violators
  • Driver qualifications at trucking schools
  • Airlines, flight schools, private and public carrier aviation facilities of all types
  • Random testing at any company that notifies employees of the policy
  • Anywhere that machinery may be in operation and alcohol is not permitted

These machines are available for temporary or long term rental at your option.

School, church and club events that have teens present for dances and other functions typically don't permit alcohol at any time. One way to insure that no drinking is going on behind your back is to trade the car keys of attendees for a special token when they arrive. These machines can be set to operate with this token and the person has to take the test to get the keys back at the end of the event. Any level above zero results in a call home and another person driving.

Hosting a private sports or other event at your place? You could be liable when one of the gang leaves the party and injures or kills someone on the highway! Solve the problem easily with a breathalyzer at your next event. They stop the questions since the machine is the 'bad guy' not you. Handing those keys over was never easier when the machine says in a clear voice ""...DO NOT DRIVE!"

Schools that teach truck, forklift and other machinery operation routinely require that alcohol testing be done. Institutions may place these machines in the facility and mandate that a student pass with a zero level before being handed keys or permits to operate machinery. Having outside companies do testing is costly and time consuming. Do it yourself and save both time and money.

A sensitive point is that companies that operate forklifts and other machinery often have injury accidents. Workers Compensation insurers promote safe workplace environments by signs, pamphlets and other no-alcohol tolerance materials that are distributed to employees. The company has the right in most states to notify the employees of random testing to insure compliance with zero tolerance of alcohol use. The machines cannot be fooled like other drug tests and do not require fasting or diet changes. Consider calling your insurer and placing a machine in your business to reduce workers compensation rates and injury accidents.

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