Drinking establishment operators are responsible citizens too!

We assist the owners and operators of establishments that serve alcohol in several ways. You already know that liquor liability laws and attorneys are the trap waiting to catch you and your servers when a patron becomes intoxicated. Lawyers love to make the facility bear the financial responsibility for their clients inability to make the right choice while under the influence.

Servers are required to be keenly aware when a patron becomes intoxicated and then they are supposed to convince that same patron that no more will be served. Customers are there to spend money, not be hassled by a staff member that is unsure of their decision not to serve.

The solution is to have the server request that the patron test themselves and then several conditions can prevail:

  • They are under the limit so they can have another drink.
  • They are over the limit and the server can legitimately halt serving without reprisal.
  • They are over the limit, they hand the keys to the designated driver and keep drinking.

One way or the other everyone wins!

There is evidence that the insurance industry is willing to reduce liability premium cost to establishments that have a breathalyzer on the premises. Part of the responsibility is that the facility should have staff that are properly trained and that routinely have suspect customers tested before continuing service. Every effort must be used to reduce the facilities liability and one of the best ways is by testing patrons that may possibly be intoxicated. Contact your insurance carrier and request that they review the liability rates and offer an adjustment if you begin a program of instruction to the staff.

We will assist by providing a machine at no cost to you to test customers for intoxication levels.

We will routinely maintain and calibrate the machine for you and provide all necessary materials to let the patrons know that the machine is provided for their use and safety!

We will even promote your facility, if you approve, when submitting news items to the media to support the premise of intervention at the point of consumption. A positive image in the local media can never hurt the income of any establishment!

Customers are aware that a DUI conviction in most states is financially devastating and there is no worse sight than those red lights in the rear view mirror. You are assisting them in drinking responsibly so they can afford to come back and patronize your facility another day.

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