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Someday soon, Blood Alcohol Level machines will be required by law to be installed in all establishments that serve alcohol. Legislators in many states and countries are drafting laws at this time to mandate that it be required and that servers test patrons if they are suspicious of intoxication.

The easiest way to measure the BAL is to have a patron exhale into a calibrated Breathalyzer that reads the level and warns them of the danger of driving. Our machines have 3 ways of indicating the condition to the patron: Numeric digital readout, lights that scroll higher with the level of intoxication and a distinct audible voice warning that says "DO NOT DRIVE!"

Where do you fit in? We are actively seeking a person over the age of 21 that has a sincere desire to make money in their own business to promote, deliver and maintain these machines. This entire business is for sale including the top level domain name, corporation and machines.

Now the real reason you found us: Vending: The machines are coin operated and they typically can bring in $100-200 per month income each, depending on location and traffic and you can be at the top. We are vending information. This is information that a patron can use to determine that they are susceptible to being stopped, tested and possibly jailed for intoxication. This is information that will help a server to determine that a patron may be intoxicated and stop serving them in time to hopefully prevent a driver from becoming drunk.

The program: We will provide the turn-key operation of the machines to you and help you get set up on business. You know you are buying into the best since these are the most accurate machines on the market. We will help you by selling you the business, domain name, machines, corporation and everything you need to get into this business. You go out and meet the proprietors of the facilities and promote installation of the machines. You visit the machines at least once a month (or more often in high-traffic locations). You collect the money, clean and calibrate the machine and replace consumable items. 

What about revenue sharing? Most Patron Facilities look to vending machine owners to provide them with a share of the revenue to permit them space in their building. We are the exception. We don't routinely share the revenue for several reasons: 

  • The machines cost the most of all on the market and take the longest to recover their investment
  • The facility owner benefits far more from the presence and use of the machine than pure revenue alone
  • Proper and continuous use of our machines can prevent costly lawsuits from ever happening by insuring that the servers never over serve the patrons
  • Some insurance carriers provide the facility with lower premiums on their insurance when they have a full program in place using the machine
  • Some facilities have even been able to retain their licenses solely because they have a machine in place and a working plan that uses them frequently

Should you desire to share the revenue, it can be out of your portion after you recover your investment at your discretion only. Bear in mind that practically none of the current facilities that have the machine in place ever receive cash proceeds in return. 

What it costs you to start business:   The machines use wrapped soda straws to have patrons exhale into and one is used each time the machine is operated. This is the only 'consumable' item. We provide the initial setup and then you replenish the straws when needed. We will work with you to start up and move onwards. We will help finance the operation with your good credit and background. 

Promotions: We operate the business that government, the church and law enforcement are happiest about: prevention not reaction. We see news items constantly referring to ways that are being implemented to prevent this crime. The media are being contacted with each new method of prevention and YOU can be a part of it.

Part time winner: Because this is not a hard business to work at there is no reason to stop a current steady job. Use the extra income to go on a special vacation or buy that new car. You need work only a few hours a month to make $500 to $1000 extra with as few as 10 machines. Every facility that serves alcohol is a client and there are dozens of them near your home.

What about short term rentals? There are income opportunities everywhere; prom night at the high school, driver qualification at a trucking school, Super Bowl Sunday at someone's house, etc. and you can rent them a machine to promote safety and make a profit too. Every holiday is a drinking event and we are there to help the drivers hand the keys to someone else.

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