Your private organization can use the breathalyzer as a great fundraising tool!

Alcohol Breathalyzer vending machines provide information to help facilities and members make good choices regarding consumption of alcohol.

We offer private clubs, groups and organizations that serve alcohol several major benefits:

  • Reduction of insurance premiums for liquor liability
  • Protection of the Membership from expensive DUI charges and defense
  • Fundraising opportunities for your favorite function, cause or charity

Consult with your insurer to see exactly what benefits they are willing to extend, but most insurance companies reward facilities with better rates when they actively promote membership safety with a machine. Over serving in private clubs is just as lethal as in a public bar or restaurant and the lawyers see deep pockets in well-funded high-profile organizations that want to settle to keep the name clean.

Examples of organizations that currently have these machines are:

  • Fraternal Order of Eagles
  • Order of Elks
  • Shriners
  • Moose Lodges
  • VFW facilities

Members of clubs often will stay for long periods and consume alcohol when the opportunity is there. Your facility can insure that they have good cause to hand over the keys to a friend or have the manager call them a cab when the patron is close to the line.

Now the best part, FUNDRAI$ING for your favorite cause!

Fundraising is a standard function of civic and fraternal organizations and the machine is a popular way to make it pay off. We provide the machines at no cost to your group and we set the coin operation for "Token acceptance".

We provide the tokens and the bartender 'sells' the tokens to the clientele when they are suspected of intoxication. The cost of a token can be from one to several dollars and at the end of the month the contents are tallied up. Your organization makes whatever it desires on each use of the machine and the money goes to the current activity. Bartenders have been known to require customers of well-funded organizations to ante up before each drink, which fills the coffers quickly!

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